August 23, 2019

Dragon Ball Legends Tips to Get Started

X Warriors are the fascinating characters that foster in many of our minds since a young age, and through Dragon Ball Legends, you can virtually play the role of a Z Warrior. But merely downloading and playing the game will not be sufficient unless you know the bits and pieces to button up your character. So here we go with those pro tips.


Adventure missions are a great deal to get some extra benefit from the game with the characters that are currently not in use. As you send them to these missions, they are not available for a while but come back with their battle won gifts.

The tip in this regard is not to send your best bet to these missions. But send the mid average upgraded characters.

There is Another best dragon ball legends hack to use the full benefit of this process. It is to send the characters in adventure when you are taking a break from the game. By the time you come back mostly, these characters will finish their mission and will be available again.


Customisation of your character does not give you any added benefit in the game and hence spending a lot of resources is not worthy. Many gamers want a stunning look for their character and spend a lot of coins, but these are only cosmetic.


It is the best tip for the beginners to focus their game in the story mode. The battles in the story mode are more straightforward than others and can be achieved with lesser effort. Another method is the quest mode that opens up after a few levels up in the game. It is quite lucrative but not advisable unless you have a rare or legendary hero. You will lose a lot of resources in these modes. Once you gather a lot of resources, go for the quest mode, and you will not regret it.


The training session lasts for a period, and that is a great way to collect experience for your characters. This part of the game is comfortably played when you send your characters in training as you are away from the game.

Weighted Training Gear is available to speed up the training session, but these are expensive items and available for single use.


Missions are available in a different form in the game and reward you most. Beginner missions are the first challenges, and then you have daily missions, event missions and Z missions. All of these can give you enough Chrono crystals. But make sure you can complete these missions before you start.


PvP modes require your best effort and the best heroes to win. Not only so, but this mode also requires some additional effort from your end. The battles are played with three characters, and you need to be prepared with one character from each element upgraded to the most you can.


It is the place where you will spend your earned Chrono crystals and get the heroes. Each summons counts for twenty Chrono Crystals. But there are options for bulk summoning, and that gives you some duplicate heroes. SO you can immediately go for upgradation.

Character’s elements

Knowing your Enemy character's Elements is the tip that is often ignored by many players while selecting their team in battles. Always choose higher Elements than your enemy, and you win the battle halfway.


You are the boss of your characters, and these tips mentioned above are your guide to become a master warrior. Play the game and find the real hero within you.

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August 13, 2019

Harry Potter Wizards Unite Beginners Guide: Mobile Game!

Harry Potter Wizards Unite is a brand-new adventure AR game from Niantic which grabbing more share in the game industry.

Well, the game is developed for both iOS and Android devices. Well, players need to face full of magical worlds from which they can explore endless fun also can enhance mental skills. 

There is no need to pay any cent for playing the game as it is entirely free available on both devices.

If you are seeking full enjoyment in-play, then you must pay more attention to forthcoming content. 

Here we are going to discuss an ultimate guide to the game for beginners.

Game tutorial

If you are a newbie to the game, then don’t try to skip the game tutorial.

Watching game tutorial wisely permits all the players to learn how to play the game, what are its features, functions, controlling, and other systems. 

In other words, it provides you a complete introduction and basic settings of the play.

Sometimes learning the basics help players to pass challenging levels easily without wasting more time, efforts.

Play with magic

Different characters are added in the game from which you can choose any one of the famous characters. 

With the help of characters, you have different magical powers in your hand.

From powers, characters are able to destroy game creatures and can pass every magic level quickly. 

Don’t panic in starting stages every gamer is instructed how to use the magical stick or how to use powers to kill the enemy.

It helps them to learn new cheats for harry potter wizards unite and no doubt it provides the chance to become a pro player.


There are different portkeys hidden in the Harry Potter Wizards Unite game. 

They actually play a vital role in the game or can say that they act as a portal in the game.

With portkeys users are able to travel in different magical worlds beside going one place to another.

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July 31, 2019

AFK Arena – Go through the Best 4 Features!

Games are present in different categories and all people are having their own choice and preferences to play games.

Some major categories of games are like action games, role-playing games, adventure games, sports games and racing games, etc.

Among all the most played gaming category is RPG games and in the same category the best game is AFK Arena.

The creator of AFK Arena is Lilith Games and its size is near about 102 MB. The entire game depends on Epic tales, stunning or amazing adventures and exciting gameplay as well.

4 Features to Know

Here you are going to meet with the best and top-class features of AFK Arena that make it stunning among all others.

Therefore, players have to understand all these 4 features and then start playing AFK Arena properly –

1.It includes an in-app purchases feature which you use for buying everything using real-life money.

2.Lots of legendary hero cards which gamers have to collect in good amount as to make progress in the game.

3.Players are also provided with an option by which they simply become able to fight with all players all around the world.

4.Two main types of currency present in AFK Arena and that are gold or diamonds that gamers have to earn in huge amount.

Therefore, these 4 features are the amazing among all others RPG games and are also the major reasons behind the great success of AFK Arena.

More about AFK Arena

Not only is this, there are something new added to the in every update which is created after regular interval of time.

In the latest update, a new hero (Rowan – The Roamer) added to the game, also lots of hero features and many essential items as well to play it smoothly and with full interest.

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April 01, 2019

Overwatch – Tips and Tricks for Intermediate players!

Are you familiar with overwatch? It is a really unbelievable game which is associated with a lot of characters, powers and other important things. It is a team based game where you need to kill enemies. If you are figuring the enemy, then you should use advanced skills. All you need to consider a favorite player who will able to produce enough damage with ease. Besides, one must always pay close attention to the win condition only. Before starting a new game, one has to set the objectives carefully. After that, you will able to win the complicated levels with ease.

Bear in mind that, it is a particular team game which depends on the particular team. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should always consider a genuine or strong team that will able to stick together in extreme situations. Here are some tips and Tricks that would be great for the Intermediate players.


If you have sniper, then you will able to kill monsters with ease. Along with great character, one should unlock the advance character, and then you can easily reach at complicated levels with ease.

·Attacking strategies

To become a pro player in the Overwatch then you have to improve the attacking strategies that can be difficult sometimes. Therefore, it would be better to start a game with a practice match. It is really perfect option because you will able to improve the lots of skills and attacking strategies with ease.

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·Arcade modes

If you have already lots of games, then it would be better to play arcade mode which is really great than others.

Moreover, all you need to create a strong team in the overwatch and then you can easily win lots of games with ease. Lastly, no any other game can beat overwatch, but can feature same kind of gameplay. If you are going to spend money the overwatch, then we prefer you to check out these 18 Games Like Overwatch You Can Play Today before spending lots of money on Overwatch.

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March 31, 2019

Unique Facts about Far Cry

If you want to earn resistance points in the Far cry, then it is highly recommended you should complete the maps. To earn resource then resistance points are fairly important for you. Apart from that, nothing is better than actions because you will able to gain resistance points with ease. 

All you need to pay attention to the specialist and story missions. It would be better to play specialist missions which are adventurous and interesting. If you want to reach a new level, then resistance points are fairly important for you. All you need to complete 13000RP and reach to a new level with ease.

Apart from that, to unlock boomer in the Far Cry then you should kill plenty of cultists in the Pumpkin Farm. Make sure that you are using a genuine gun that will able to kill cultists with ease. Let’s discuss unique facts regarding Far cry.

·Pay attention to Prepper Stashes

You will able to find puzzle or challenges in the game. Therefore, one has to complete several challenges in the game. After completing challenges, one will receive a lot of important things money, ammo and perk points as well. Ultimately, it is a fairly great game where one has to earn a lot of things such as added bonus and other important things.

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·Time trails

One has to throw melee weapons in Far cry. After that, an individual can collect lots of things such as spades, baseball bats and oars with ease. Overall, if you are delivering the killer, then you have to clear the space in the game.

Moreover, while playing Far cry, you have to pay close attention to the enemy. It is highly recommended that you should always use strong weapons that will able to kill the enemy with ease. You can experience amazing open-world of far cry, but if you need some more interesting and suspensive gameplay, then you can check out other awesome games like far cry in the following source.


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March 30, 2019

Important Things to know about Skyrim

Recently, Bethesda has launched a fantastic role-playing adventure game. It is an unbelievable game which is associated with Exploration, mayhem. If you haven't play Elder scroll game yet then, Skyrim would be a reliable option for you. It is a fighting game, and some fights are really complicated and adventurous. 

Make sure that you are considering a genuine character according to the level.It is a little bit complicated game where one has to improve the skills. Apart from that, one has to complete challenges on a regular basis. If you are starting the game, then one has to choose such stones such as-




All you need to choose a genuine stone that will improve the skills and other important things. You have to collect almost 13 ancestral stones in the game. Let’s discuss vital information regarding Skyrim.

·Save often

If you are playing Skyrim on a regular basis, then you should save the progress. All you need to tap on the quicksave button and then you will able to save game with ease. If possible, then one should enable the autosave option that would be beneficial for you.

·Consider Shield

According to professionals, you can play Skyrim whenever you want. If you are choosing a perfect character, then one has to improve the melee combat carefully. After that, you should try shield combat which is really great.

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If possible then don’t spend gold on the particular equipment. You will find plenty of vendors where you can easily sell the gold. It would be better to unlock more equipment using points.

Moreover, one has to save gold and money and then spend on training related tasks. It will improve lots of skills in the player. You need to do lots of efforts in skyrim to gain necessary skills. In short you need to use various playing tactic in your gameplay, you learn more details about skyrim or it’s kind of games on the following source.


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March 29, 2019

Unique Facts about Stardew Valley

Currently, if you are playing Stardew valley, then you have to build a perfect farm. If you are doing farming properly, then you will able to unlock more opportunities with ease. It is a really great game where you have to show your skills. 

According to professionals, it is almost similar to the shallow experience. Like, one has to cut down all the trees in the farm properly. It is first to step where you have to clear out the farm properly. After that, one has to chop the trees and fix the bridge properly. in order to fix the bridge then one has to collect almost 100 hundred trees.

It can be a tempting task, but you have to remove the seeds from trees and sell it into the store. After that, you will able to unlock more opportunities in the game. One has to plan new trees in the game. Following are the unique facts related to the Stardew Valley.

·Bad luck

Before going to bed, one has to forecast the next day. You have to prepare for the upcoming disasters. You will face a lot of good and bad days in the game. Sometime, you will find gems that you can sell anywhere and anytime with ease. Therefore, you have to be prepared for good and bad days.


Now, one has to do mining with top-notch quality items. Make sure that you are considering perfect items only because lots of fake items are available on the farm. If you are going for sleep, then one must keep precious items in the chest only. After that, you can easily take a nap in mine with ease.

Moreover, it is a little bit tricky game where you have to train the character properly. There are even more unknown things about stardew valley game. Get the full information about stardew valley game.

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March 27, 2019

Important Tips For Beginners To Play Runescape

RuneScape is counted as one of the most played massively online role playing game. People of every age group play the game on a huge level in order to get entertained. The gameplay is easy to understand; however, if you are a new player, then you should first learn about the required skills and other important factors. In this article, I am going to describe some useful tips for beginners.

ØThe players can enjoy adventures in this game, so if you want to collect the best playing experience, then it is really important to know about the way of unlocking adventure. With the help of mini-map, we can check out the surrounded area with ease.

ØIn this game, the players can’t check out the specs and classes. In fact, there are several different kinds of characters who have many different abilities and styles. The players can create an amazing character by making the perfect combination of different skills.

ØIf the player wants to play well, then he/she should have good training skills. By the help of such skills, we can also make great money. In the games like runescape, the players can work on many different quests and get the chance to win many rewards and cash.

ØCombat skills play a vital role in the entire game, and the players are required to pay proper attention to such skills. When the player gets the high level, then he/she gets the golden opportunity to attain some rare items which can prove extremely helpful.

These are the most effective tips which should be followed by the beginners in order to understand the core concept of the game and to make some great improvements in the way of playing. Every beginner should follow these tips for playing good.



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Games Like Diablo 3 That You Can Play On PS 4

The popularity of Diablo 3 is mushrooming day by day only because of its great graphics. Basically, the game called Diablo is a great and well-known and people really like its 3rd squeal. 

PlayStation andXbox 360 both are great online gaming consoles, and users like to play Diablo 3 on it. However, if you are thinking that there are some games such as Diablo 3 which are being popular, which I am going to explain in upcoming paragraphs.

Games like Diablo 3 for PS 4

No doubt, people are choosing the option of Diablo 3 game only because of its great graphics. Apart from this, players will like all these upcoming games that they can check out and play on the PS4-

  1. Titan Quest game is really amazing, and you can easily enjoy its great story that takes just 30 hours to get complete.
  2. The game called Alienation is level based as compared to the open world, its gameplay.
  3. Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2 is a game that is based on the Marvels movies even you like the action RPGs just as the Diablo.
  4. Victor Vran is made for gamers those cannot afford the expensive games for playing on the PlayStation 4, but this would be the great option.
  5. The incredible adventures of Van Helsing 1 & 2 game that is related to vampire and based on the movie the Van Helsig.

Well, we have covered all the valuable details regarding the games that are just like Diablo 3. Therefore, you can easily play them on the PlayStation 3. Nevertheless, you should simply play one of these games, if you are exploring great graphics and gameplay like the game called Diablo 3.

Reference: 15 Similar Games to Diablo 3 to Play in 2019

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March 25, 2019

Technical Aspects Of Age Of Empires

The game called Age Of empires is counted in the top rating games only because of its great gameplay. Instead of this, players of the game will experience marvelous graphics that they never ever seen into their life. Therefore, it would be a great option for them to get more and more benefits from the age of empires. During the early days, the game is well known due to its great details graphics.

Even the genie the employed engine and the graphics 2D graphics the developers have made a great and amazing option for the people. Even you will get chance to lead the civilization of the town so you it depends on the strategy that how you handle it. Here are some more facts related to the game that you can easily check out in order to play it.

Great features of Age Of Empires

People those are going to choosing the option of Age Of Empires game in order to play on the daily basis so this would be their great option. Thus, they will able to take advantages of all these great features which I am going to explain in upcoming points –

  • Players can play on the Single and multiplayer mode which are provided by the game developers.
  • Instead of this, you can easily play it on the PC that would be really valuable.
  • The language of the game is English so you will never going to face any issue regarding the language.
  • You will find different ages in the game such as Stone Age and Iron Age.
  • Graphics of the game are really attractive and mind-blowing so anybody can check out.

Well, we have covered all the valuable facts related to the game called Age OF Empires.

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